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Date: 14 Jul 2021

Decorative Coatings Industry – Innovation and Growth

KR Expert:
<p>Alistair McAuley, Former Managing Director - UK &amp; Ireland and Member of the EMEA Leadership Team</p><p><strong>AkzoNobel (2018 &ndash; March 2021)</strong></p>
    Talking Points:
  • Leading Segments & Market Players
  • Innovation in The World of Coatings
  • Collaborations & Partnerships
  • Future Growth and Sustainability

Date: 07 Jul 2021

Consumer Goods Industry – Market & Supply Chain Strategies

KR Expert:
<p>Mr. Matthias Czaja, Former Corporate Senior Vice President &ndash; Global Supply Chain</p><p><strong>Henkel (2015-Jan 2021)</strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p>
    Talking Points:
  • Market and Consumer Trends
  • Sustainability & Footprint Strategy
  • Make or Buy Decision Points
  • Role of Big Data & AI in CPG Supply Chain

Date: 30 Jun 2021

Customer Experience: A 3-Year Roadmap For Telcos

KR Expert:
<p>Mr.&nbsp;Erwan Gaultier,&nbsp;Former Chief Digital Officer &amp; Senior Vice President</p><p><strong>Orange (2010 - Jan 2020)</strong></p>
    Talking Points:
  • Evolution Of The Interaction Model
  • Digital & Data At The Crossroads
  • Human Channels - Repositioning
  • CX Measurement - What’s Next?

Date: 23 Jun 2021

Commercial Banking Industry – Digital Transformation & Growth

KR Expert:
<p>Sameer D'Mello, Former Global Head of Digital Innovation &ndash; Commercial Banking Technology</p><p><strong>HSBC (1995 &ndash; 2021)</strong></p>
    Talking Points:
  • Customer Value and it’s Enhancement
  • Digital Growth and Value
  • Delivery Side – Business Resiliency & Go-To-Market Strategies
  • Operations – Market Growth and Key Players

Date: 16 Jun 2021

Pharmaceutical Industry - Lessons from Covid Both Internally & Externally

KR Expert:
<p>Laurent Abuaf, Former President UK, VP for Global Analytics &amp; Commercial Excellence, and VP Sales &amp; Marketing Europe&nbsp;</p><p><strong> AstraZeneca (2014 &ndash; April 2020)</strong></p>
    Talking Points:
  • The Digital Transformation - Acceleration of the Commercial Model
  • Workplace, Nothing Will Ever Be The Same & The Implications
  • Clinical Trials & Partnerships With Governments - A New Era?
  • Reflections On Covid Vaccines Development & Impact on the Pharma Industry

Date: 09 Jun 2021

Market Dynamics of the Used Vehicles Industry

KR Expert:
<p>Mr. Ralph Plavac, Former Director &ndash; Used Vehicle Business &amp; Member of the Management Board</p><p><strong>Daimler AG (1994 &ndash; Dec 2020)</strong></p>
    Talking Points:
  • Navigating Supply Chain Disruptions
  • Competitive Landscape of the Industry
  • Market Players & Expansion Strategies
  • Dealerships and Digitization