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Date: 13 Oct 2021

Challenges & Opportunities for Companies in the Specialty Chemicals Sector

KR Expert:
<p>Giordano Zappelli -&nbsp;Former Member of Board of Directors &amp; Senior Vice President, Global Head of Innovation &ndash; Soda Ash &amp; Derivatives</p><p><strong>Solvay (1984 - August 2020)</strong></p>
    Talking Points:
  • Innovation in the World of Specialty Chemicals
  • Market Growth, Major Players & the Long-Term Outlook
  • Collaborations & Partnerships
  • Specialty Chemicals – Different Industries, Applications & Associated Growth

Date: 06 Oct 2021

Automotive Industry – Sustainability in Procurement and Supply Chain

KR Expert:
<p>Joachim Albert -&nbsp; Former Global Senior Vice President &ndash; Purchasing</p><p><strong>Bosch GmbH, Mobility Solutions (Jan 2000 &ndash; Oct 2020)</strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p>
    Talking Points:
  • Supply Chain - New and Emerging Technologies
  • Business Continuity & Sustainability in Procurement
  • Some of the Major Players and Best Practices
  • Future Trends in this Industry

Date: 29 Sep 2021

Banking Sector – Growth, Investments and Pitfalls

KR Expert:
<p>Rajan Gupta -&nbsp;Former Global Head - Strategic Execution, Global Subsidiaries</p><p><strong>Standard Chartered Bank (2006 - Nov 2020)</strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p>
    Talking Points:
  • Client Centricity and Growth – Accelerating Business & Pitfalls
  • Strategy Implementation for Revenue & Growth
  • Emerging Markets and Investments
  • New Players in the Industry - Standardizations and Operational Efficiency

Date: 22 Sep 2021

Evolution of 5G & What It Can Build for Industries

KR Expert:
<p>Joe Kohls -&nbsp;Former Executive Technology Director &ndash; Global Sourcing</p><p><strong>AT&amp;T (2016 &ndash; March 2019)</strong></p>
    Talking Points:
  • Evolution of Mobile Networks
  • Driving Innovation in Enterprises with 5G
  • Mergers and Partnerships
  • Global Economic Impact

Date: 15 Sep 2021

Packaged Water And Non Alcoholic Beverages– Global Trends, Innovations & How To Win Post Pandemic

KR Expert:
<p>Vikram Korde -&nbsp;Former Global Brand Director &ndash; <strong>Danone Waters</strong>, Marketing Director &ndash; Dairy, Algeria &amp; Member of the Board&nbsp; <strong>Danone Africa (2016 - April 2021)</strong></p>
    Talking Points:
  • Global Overview of the Business
  • Trends – Brands Influencing Consumer Behaviour & Vice Versa
  • Innovation in an Industry With Low Barriers to Entry
  • Sustainability - From Business to Profits

Date: 08 Sep 2021

Foundation Behind Strategic Licensing and Pharmaceutical Mergers & Acquisitions

KR Expert:
<p>Brent Connelly,&nbsp;Former Executive Director &ndash; Global Commercial Assessment</p><p><strong>Merck (2010 &ndash; May 2021)</strong></p>
    Talking Points:
  • Conventional Approaches by Pharma Companies for Biotech Assets
  • Critical Inputs & Key Drivers Behind Pharma Forecasts
  • Typical Methodologies Used for Early vs. Later Stage Development Asset Valuation
  • Pitfalls To Avoid When Valuing Healthcare Assets