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Challenge: Research and
Revenue Model Development
Industry: Minerals, Global
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Global Minerals Industry
A leading minerals manufacturer at the cusp of expanding global operations needed insights to better understand the Global Mineral Ingredients market, with minerals spread across multiple end-use applications. They needed a sharper understanding of the supply chain from source: right from mining and processing, to derivative forms and premixes and further to distribution and end consumption. Moreover, the client required a deep understanding of procurement processes, sales channels, and logistics at each level of the value chain.

Solution Knowledge Ridge compiled a carefully manicured list of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) from the global minerals industry. Having combed through the options, the following experts were selected by our client to deliberate over the industry, product lines, applications, and best practices in key business functions. - A Business Unit Manager for a global frontrunner in the sales, marketing, and distribution of specialty chemicals and food ingredients - A consultant with over 30 years' experience in sales, marketing, and project management for mineral salts, food, pharma and nutritional supplements

Impact Over the numerous interactions with our SMEs, the client was able to gain a more comprehensive grasp of the specialty minerals industry, in the markets they wanted to explore. With detailed and incisive interpretation of data at each level of the value chain, the client was able to revise strategy and take proactive decisions towards their goals.

Challenge: Investment Opportunity Analysis Industry: Commercial Vehicles, South-East Asia
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Commercial Vehicles in South-East Asia A client seeking to invest in the commercial vehicles space in the South-East Asia market required to understand and evaluate market trends and the distributor landscape for medium and heavy-duty trucks in the region.

Solution On receipt of the project details, our Account Manager immediately scheduled a meeting with the client to obtain a deeper understanding of their requirements. Knowledge Ridge understood that they also required perspectives from additional elements in the supply chain. With clarity obtained, Knowledge Ridge zeroed in on the perfect SMEs for the task:
- The General Manager at one of Thailand's premier truck manufacturers, with more than 3 decades in operations, sales, marketing, and after sales services in the region
- A Marketing Manager with over 10 years' experience in strategic planning, marketing, and brand management in the automotive industry with vast knowledge of the Philippines market
- An industry consultant based in Indonesia, with over 30 years' experience in fleet management, operating lease, and vehicle rental of medium and heavy commercial vehicles

Impact Our SMEs were able to shed light on the projected trends in the commercial vehicles market across various countries in South-East Asia, with special emphasis on market share, distribution, operations & maintenance, customer perspectives, and opportunities, allowing the client to make a wiser, more informed investment call.

Challenge: Research and
Revenue Model Development
Industry: Aviation, Global
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Global Aviation
A leading professional services firm sought expertise to develop a key marketing and revenue forecasting model and required a more exhaustive understanding on current and future capacity projections in the aviation industry.

Solution Knowledge Ridge identified a select group of renowned experts from across the aviation industry and interacted with each, to curate the sharpest and most relevant perspective to the task. We connected the client with our selected SME - an independent consultant with over 20 years' experience in the global travel industry, with primary result areas in Automation (Evaluation & Implementation of New Systems) and project management. The expert has also led pricing, distribution and tariff functions in Network Revenue Management and Planning divisions.

Impact Knowledge Ridge assisted the client to acquire insights directly from the chosen expert. The interaction guided the client's team to substantial clarity about the delegation of revenue targets by airlines to their partner agencies. In addition to solutions and answers to specific queries, the team further received valuable insights into current and future trends and opportunities in global aviation.

Challenge: Market Research
and Analysis
Industry: Microfabrication
(Medical), USA

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Microfabrication (Medical), USA
A client was in search of insight and expertise for two specific application areas: membrane switches and microfluidics. Their focus was to understand the various applications within membrane switches and microfluidics and needed a refined analysis of the industry in the United States.

Solution Knowledge Ridge, realising that an industry as specialised as this would require penetrative scrutiny and analysis at multiple levels, arranged a comprehensive palette of experts from various areas in the field:

- A Senior Applications Engineer and nationally recognized expert in the design, fabrication, and test of flexible and rigid flex printed circuits, with over 30 years' experience in the flexible PCB industry

- An Entrepreneur, CSO and thought-leader in microfluidics and microfabrication technologies, with expertise specific to organizing and running multidisciplinary and multinational research and development projects.

- President at an Industry-leading engineering, design, and manufacturing group in Los Angeles, which designs and builds some of the most complex and innovative human-machine interface devices in the world. His core specialties include lean implementations, sales development, acquisitions, company turnarounds and reorganizations.

- An author, PhD and Computer Integrated Manufacturing Engineer, having worked extensively in medical fabrication over 16 years, with active roles in R&D and business development.

Impact The vast spread of expertise, carefully selected from different areas of the field gave the client unparalleled access to industry insights, climate, trends and opportunities. They were able to align their strategies with a new-found market and product awareness in Membrane Switches (Industrial, Consumer Goods, and Medical) and Microfluidics.

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