our Compliance framework

Compliance is embedded in each step of Knowledge Ridge's modus
All experts are carefully screened for any potential
conflict of interest or non-disclosure agreement in force
Our compliance team checks and
approves all expert - client interactions prior to their scheduled consultation
Knowledge Ridge tracks and maintains a 10-year old employment
history of every expert that we work with

Key Elements & Advantages

Dedicated point of contact

Dedicated single point of contact ensures that every compliance requirement is effectively communicated to all the parties involved; resulting in a complete understanding of compliance conditions that enhance and strengthen our business relationships

Customization for diverse clientele

Our dynamic approach allows us to adapt quickly and customize accordingly, while simultaneously safeguarding our stakeholders’ risks, that includes both clients (investment management firms, professional services firms, corporations) and experts

Robust vetting & background checks

We implement and strictly adhere to a comprehensive approach towards vetting experts - our standardized compliance process eliminates the risk of any conflict of interest during our expertise delivery

Ethical research practices

We do not allow our experts to discuss their current employment or employer with any client type - we constantly observe ethical research practices that reinforce our commitment to our values and quality

Additional Compliance Protocols for Hedge Funds and Mutual Funds

For hedge funds and mutual funds, Knowledge Ridge will never facilitate consultations with experts employed in
publicly traded companies (unless more than 7 months departed) or healthcare professionals involved with clinical trials

Knowledge Ridge does not recluse itself from its client-expert conversations and thus, we reserve the right to monitor such interactions and maintain records for future reference, as and when necessary

Any exception(s) to the aforementioned compliance protocols will require written approval from the relevant stakeholder’s compliance team(s)

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