Investment Management

Knowledge Ridge provides end-to-end expert support across the entire gamut of the commercial and financial due diligence process; right from initiating coverage to portfolio management. Our clients include mid to large mutual funds, hedge funds, and private equity firms.

Our wide access to custom vetted experts bring in relevant, accurate, and real-time insights that aid in ascertaining sustainable growth potential and help in determining enterprise fair value estimates.

Clients avail experts’ insights across the entire private equity lifecycle; deal sourcing, commercial & financial sedulity, portfolio management & board placements, and to conclusively strategize the fund’s exit.

In the asset management space, clients approach us for channel checks and to gather information from relevant stakeholders across various products’ value chain to make better informed investment decisions.

Use Cases

Commercial Due Diligence, Engineering and Construction Client Type: Mutual Fund
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An international mutual fund house, with an objective to identify suitable investment opportunities in the construction equipment space in India, wanted to carry out a due diligence exercise in line with their strategic portfolio allocation mandates including -:

  • Top down analysis of the prevailing industry trends including headwinds and tailwinds
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Market Sizing and growth scenarios
  • Current regulation
  • Competitive landscape of target companies

Solution Offered Knowledge Ridge arranged an Indian construction equipment market exploration trip with over 20 phone consultations and 8 in-person meetings with key stakeholders in the value chain. Some of the key experts consulted were -:

  • C-Level executives of companies involved in distribution of construction equipment machinery to understand the demand and supply side dynamics of the market
  • Executives of EPC companies to understand the current regulatory environment and generate-growth scenarios
  • Key regulatory experts with deep local understanding about the impact of potential regulatory norms on the future market dynamics
  • Key C-Level executives of private companies for a potential equity investment and to understand the company’s competitive positioning in the market

An Asian private equity major wanted to evaluate opportunities in the IVF (In-vitro-fertilisation) sector in Southern Asia. Broad tenets of the study included the following -:

  • Historical and Current market size estimates as well expected growth in terms of volume and value
  • State/region wise break-up of the above market size to understand the service penetration
  • Breakup of the IVF market into Corporate Chains, Standalone Centres, and Hospital Backed Centres
  • Average pricing range/trends prevalent over the last 5 years and the service lines/treatment alternatives likely to witness maximum growth
  • Decision making criteria with respect to the treatment options available and the role of key influencers on decision making
  • Competitive landscape

Solution Offered In line with the investment objectives, Knowledge Ridge curated a list of fully vetted experts and offered phone consultations to assess the market. Some of the notable experts consulted were -:

  • AVP, Business Development at one of South Asia’s largest corporate chains of IVF clinics. Expert provided key insights in estimating the overall and region wise market size in terms of volume as well as value, including key headwinds tailwinds affecting the market growth.
  • Independent consultant and current owner of a standalone IVF centre with 30+ years of experience in working across hospital backed as well as corporate chains. Expert was instrumental in providing current player-specific market share estimates, strategies used by key players, as well as pricing points across all available options
  • Former CEO at one of India’s largest hospital backed IVF chains to understand the patient decision making criteria, treatment preferences, treatment levels suggested including the success rates of each, and finally the pricing across each of them

Opportunity Assessment, Healthcare and Life Sciences Client Type: Private Equity
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Commercial and Financial Due Diligence, Consumer Goods and Services

Client Type: Hedge Fund
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A Europe based hedge fund wanted to conduct a due diligence exercise on an online based grocery and food delivery service company with an objective to determine the strategic fit as well as growth prospects of the company. Due diligence parameters included -:

  • Market assessment and commercial due diligence to understand the product-portfolio level targeting of the company under consideration
  • Top selling products in terms of volume and pricing (margins) and their sustainability levels
  • Competitor landscape and its impact on pricing and margins
  • Current valuation estimates vis-a vis future growth estimates

Solution Offered -: Knowledge Ridge having provided support across the entire investment lifecycle for many clients quickly understood the highly quantitative nature of the requirement and offered in-person meetings as well as longer-term engagements with select experts to address the study objective. Some of the key experts on-boarded were-:

  • Former Head of Online Retail at an e-commerce giant having groceries as one of their key offerings. Expert was instrumental in sharing deep insights on sub-categories having the highest turnover rate, categories to be targeted to garner highest margins, marketing strategies employed by significant players, and finally the product pricing models
  • Former VP of Merchandising & New Product Introduction at a leading online grocery and food delivery company. Expert provided specific insights into scenario generation, growth prospects, sustainable revenue streams, as well as supply chain and logistics aspects including fleet management
  • Independent consultant with deep expertise in valuing e-commerce companies to help arrive at the best measure of company fair value as well as capital allocation strategy for our client

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