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Experts At Finding Experts

Knowledge Ridge fulfills the need for first-hand expert knowledge. We connect businesses with relevant subject matter experts to answer questions and help make quicker, intelligent decisions.

Our experts are vetted diligently through an in-depth phone-interview process, helping our clients make informed decisions, create value, and gain a competitive edge.

  • Experts in 80+ countries across 158 sub-industries
  • Global spread: Americas 45% | EMEA 30% | APAC 25%
  • 85% client referrals
  • Completed 20,000+ successful phone consultations and in-person meetings
  • Conducted 1,200+ panel surveys, workshops and term engagements

The proof is in the pudding – Our Engagement Success Rate (experts engaged successfully) is 99% and 98% of our clients return to us with new projects.

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Core Services - Move from Accuracy to Precision

We provide on-demand custom-vetted experts to businesses and their leaders to fuel their research, bridge their knowledge gaps, build their thought leadership, and guide smart decision-making.

In-person Meetings

We offer our clients in-person meetings with meticulously-vetted experts at mutually convenient times and locations to aid strategic decision-making.


Our experts will lead project-related or general learning workshops to help get your team up to speed on specific topics or industry trends or to optimize resource planning.

Technical IDIs

Our hyper-niche experts will work with your team to help extract accurate information and insights during interviews with other experts.

Field Visits

Our custom-vetted industry experts will visit your specified business facilities, plants, warehouses, etc. to conduct critical process, channel, resource, and value assessments that fuel critical research or decisions.

Value Added Services

In addition to end-to-end expert solutions worldwide, Knowledge Ridge also offers other value-added expert services to clients.

Translation & Interpretation

Top-quality language assistance across major countries for expert consultations and document translation


Converting audio and video recorded content into absolutely accurate text

Expert Reports & Analysis

Creating, validating, or analyzing industry reports and market studies with the help of our experts

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