At Knowledge Ridge, a rapidly growing expert network platform, executives & professionals across industries come together to share seasoned expertise and help drive solutions of significant business impact. Bringing along their unique backgrounds and multifaceted outlook toward modern-day business challenges, our elite network of 450,000+ subject matter experts helps clients across the entire chain of the research cycle. They share their expert knowledge to guide our clients right from framing the hypothesis, to making well-informed business decisions and execution thereof.

Through phone and in-person consultations to long-term engagements, our experts help in market and industry due diligence, internal & external environment assessment, competition mapping, and framing strategies crucial to business success.

Knowledge Ridge Experts

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Knowledge Ridge welcomes industry leaders, founders, established academics, C-level executives, R&D experts, and senior functional subject matter experts to join our elite global network of experts. We provide an excellent platform for industry leaders to share their knowledge, skills, and expertise to catalyze business decisions globally.

If you are a subject matter expert or consultant with extensive experience in your industry sector, Knowledge Ridge provides outstanding opportunities to create a direct impact on critical business and investment decisions worldwide. With an expert acceptance rate (experts sent vs accepted) of 64% and a dedicated single point of contact for each expert, Knowledge Ridge has emerged as a global expert network of choice for senior subject matter experts.

Members of the elite Knowledge Ridge expert network enjoy:


Interact with leading companies and decision makers globally.

Knowledge Exchange

Gain perspectives from top investment management and consulting firms on your own industry.


Equitable compensation for client engagements.


Explore synergies and long-term opportunities with our clients and other experts.

Exclusive Benefits

Publish your articles/opinion pieces on our platform.

Single POC

Dedicated relationship manager for all experts.

High Fruition

With a 64% expert acceptance rate (experts sent vs accepted)

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