At Knowledge Ridge, we are focused not only on the ambitious goals we set for ourselves, but we also believe in enjoying the journey to reach those goals. Our company culture finds itself deeply rooted in a "people-first" approach that is designed to enable open communication and harbor a sense of learning and personal growth while driving success both personally and as a team. Our global footprint and work culture ensures eminent exposure to varied industries and projects while opening up newer avenues for personal growth for our team members.

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Core Values

A people-centric approach lies at the core of the Knowledge Ridge work culture.

KR Core Values
High Integrity
KR Core Values
Unity & Solidarity
KR Core Values
Open Communication
KR Core Values
Full Transparency
KR Core Values
Authority and Accountability
KR Core Values
Work-Life Harmony
KR Core Values
Macro Management
KR Core Values
Entrepreneurial Mindset


At Knowledge Ridge, we believe in team spirit and our core values. This is accomplished by strongly encouraging each team member to:

Be Exceptional!!

  • Make a plan for winning every single day
  • Formulate a growth strategy
  • Take incredible pride in your work
  • Maintain uncompromising integrity

Be Courageous!!

  • Aim high
  • Learn from failures
  • Set audacious goals and pursue them with zeal
  • Think out of the box and share your vision

Be an Influencer!!

  • Be collaborative
  • Trust colleagues
  • Give real-time feedback
  • Have high respect for team-mates

Perks & Benefits

We firmly believe that happiness and satisfaction are imperative for people to thrive in any workplace. Knowledge Ridge HR Team constantly strives to make the work environment very pleasant and productive. Perks and benefits that we are proud to provide include:

KR Perks and Benefits
Open 'Vacation' Policy

An open vacation policy to drive the entrepreneurial mindset and work-life harmony (Applicable to managers after completing 1 year at Knowledge Ridge).

KR Perks and Benefits
Flexible Work Schedules

Our alternative to the traditional 9 to 5 work week is customized to improve productivity while managing personal or family responsibilities

KR Perks and Benefits
Family Care Leave

Additional leaves to address any personal or family health issues.

KR Perks and Benefits
Generous Incentives & Performance Bonus

A robust mechanism to encourage, recognize, and reward exceptional performances to keep the morale high.

KR Perks and Benefits
Other Perks Include

A well-equipped cafeteria, casual dress code, regular 'happy hours', nature trips, and much more!

Diversity & Inclusions

The philosophy of 'Leaving no Human Behind' is deeply entrenched in our culture, along with fostering a strong sense of oneness and belonging

With a global footprint comprising teammates from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures, we embrace diversity and have created a culture of mutual respect, collaboration, bonhomie, and teamwork.

Diversity and inclusion are an important part of the Knowledge Ridge DNA that ensures everyone gets an equal opportunity to thrive!

Knowledge Ridge Diversity

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