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Test new ideas, fast-track your business strategy optimizations, or make informed business decisions with quality-driven customized insights from our B2B expert survey panel at Knowledge Ridge. Our expansive online panel community includes hyper-niche market experts with first-hand experience drawn from diverse industries, sectors, and consumer demographics across 80+ countries.

Our survey experts answer questions, and our team supports all phases of a business or market analytics survey project, including planning, questionnaire design, panel selection, effort and cost-tracking, monitoring performance, and closure.

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Types of Surveys

Targeted Surveys

Targeted Surveys are utilized for business intelligence or primary research, which necessitates custom-screened audiences that are profiled within our panel and among our panel partners. The respondents come from specific groups - for example, the general population, consumers, business executives, etc. - and are matched with your survey criteria.

Custom Surveys

These expert surveys suit situations which call for custom recruitment and are conducted for hard-to-reach or hyper-niche audiences, such as C-suite executives of Fortune 500 companies or specialized professionals in emerging industries.

Benefits of an Expert Survey

Get hyper-targeted customized insights and accelerate your decision-making at a fraction of the cost compared to lengthy alternatives.

Global Reach

Our global proprietary and trusted partner networks panel is spread across 80+ countries of economic significance to help our current and potential customers reach all their audiences right in time:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • MEA
  • APAC

Quality Control

We maintain the best possible quality in our panels to ensure high data collection standards across industries, demographics, and panels. Some of the quality control measures in place include:

  • 4-step panel authentication process
  • Online and social media authentication
  • Fraud and poor response tracking
  • Double opt-in
  • Mobile verification

Note: We also recruit members on demand based on any niche/custom requirements for our expert panels.

B2B Expert Survey Panel

Tap our panel for quick and accurate customized answers to your most pressing business queries. Knowledge Ridge can transform the way you mine insights, whether for concept testing, product designs, project launches, new investments, or a myriad of other qualitative or quantitative requirements.

Our panel is segmented based on the following professional attributes:

Job titles covered

Managers and Above
Business Owners

Want to leverage the power of our Expert Survey Panels?

Quantitative Data Collection to Help You Make Key Decisions

Choose the survey method for your data-driven query based on the identified knowledge gap, the questions that need to be answered, or the target audience. Different survey types help brands connect with consumers at every stage of their journey, right from R&D to customer success, to improve their position in the market.

AUT (Awareness Tracking and Usage) Surveys
Public Relations Surveys
Advertising Surveys
Market Segmentation Surveys
Industry and Competitive Analysis Surveys
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Concept Testing Surveys
Product Efficacy and Optimization Surveys
Pricing Research Surveys
Positioning/Branding Surveys
Industry and Competitive Analysis Surveys

Use Cases

Our survey panels connect you with the precise audience, fortifying your decision-making with impactful data and insights.

Understanding Market Risks and Opportunities

Gain insights efficiently with a mix of qualitative and numeric data from a large number of industry practitioners while entering a new market or optimizing your current processes, such as pricing, cost management, channel strategy, supply chains, and more.

Brand Usage and Imagery Reporting

Examine how customers interact with a brand. Collecting people's opinions, thoughts, and impressions about a brand helps companies evaluate their or their target investment's place in the market.

Customer Rating Benchmarks

Analyze, define, or manage important metrics such as total customer experience, NPS, or digital experience goals based on company and industry comparisons. Evaluate how your organization's overall experience or perception compares with industry peers.

Pulling Data into a Second Survey

Conduct longitudinal studies in which respondent data must be collected across multiple surveys over a longer period.

Want to leverage the power of Survey Panels?

How It Works

Account Manager
Based on your
project brief
  • Project objective
  • Industry
  • Topic of interest
  • Number of interviews or samples
  • Expected outcome
  • Length of the survey
  • Markets to be covered
, a single dedicated point of contact is appointed to help identify your requirements and manage end-to-end workflow.

Project Manager

In charge of the comprehensive research effort and panel or respondent vetting process, The project manager deploys experienced researchers to find highly relevant professionals, ensuring quick turnarounds and quality compliance.

Project Executives

The team vets the experts or respondents via phone interviews to determine if they fit your requirement's panel profile - relevance, direct involvement, communication style, and availability. The panelists sign an NDA to participate in our custom survey.

Why Do Clients Trust Knowledge Ridge?

Relevance and Depth of Expertise

Carefully vetted expertise that caters to your specific needs


Client-specific verticals that work as an extension of your team


A curated network of experts with direct involvement in your topics of interest to ensure actionable knowledge transfer


A robust compliance framework that can be tailored to fit your business requirements


On-time intelligence delivery


Customizable subscription packages and pay-per-use engagements to fit your needs

Value-added Services

Augmented services like transcription, translation & interpretation, expert reports & analysis

Premium Insights

Our clients get first-hand insights on market trends from Fortune 500 experts through interactive event formats

Additional Services

Knowledge Ridge Focus

Survey Programming & Hosting

Knowledge Ridge Focus


Knowledge Ridge Focus


Knowledge Ridge Focus


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