Knowledge Ridge helps clients navigate an ever-changing global business environment by creating timely access to relevant and actionable knowledge. We take pride in serving expert network users from Fortune Global 500 companies, top strategy consulting firms and large institutional investors. With an expert network industry-leading Expert Acceptance Rate of 64%, and an Engagement Success Rate of 99%, Knowledge Ridge has emerged as the expert network of choice for businesses and consulting firms across industry sectors and geographies

  • Serviced 350+ Multinational Client Firms including Market Research & Management consulting firms, Global Think Tanks, IT Firms, Private Equity Firms, Hedge Funds, Investment Banks, Manufacturing, Supply chain and Technology companies
  • Executed 8,000+ Global projects across the critical and niche industry sectors through our experts across the world

Knowledge Ridge Clients

We focus on what matters most:

Knowledge Ridge Focus

Phone interviewed experts tailored to client needs.

Knowledge Ridge Focus

Flexible packages as well as pay-per-use engagements.

Knowledge Ridge Focus

Timely insights delivered exactly when needed.

Who We Work With

Knowledge Ridge works with clients across the spectrum, spanning all major industry sectors, diverse geographies, and cultures.Our expert network services for our global clientele can broadly be categorized as

Professional Services

Knowledge Ridge experts play a significant role in the information value chain.
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Investment Management

Channel checks and end-to-end expert network support across the due diligence process.
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Tailor-made expert solutions designed to fit all business needs.
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How It Works

Account Manager
A single dedicated point of contact for each expert network services project improves the ability to quickly adapt to project modifications and establishes robust workflow management from inception to completion.

Research Manager

Ensures quality compliance by following Knowledge Ridge's comprehensive research and vetting process and deploying experienced researchers globally for each expert network project, providing high relevance and quick turnaround.

In-house Industry Catalysts

Assures project clarification and information sharing with the Knowledge Ridge Research team.

Research Team

The Research Team vets all experts via phone interviews.

What We Care For

With a repeat client rate of 98%, we consistently add value through our three core principles, the 3 C's, for all expert engagements worldwide.

Knowledge Ridge Care For

Client-specific verticals working as an extension of your team.

Knowledge Ridge Care For

Only deliver experts with 'direct involvement' in topics of interest to ensure the knowledge transfer is actionable.

Knowledge Ridge Care For

Robust compliance framework that can be further customized to client types.

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