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What Does Knowledge Ridge Bring to the Table

Customized and not commoditized insights

A network of 450,000+ experts who can speak more than 72+ native languages

A trusted partnership and continuous support resulting in 98% repeat clients

Types of Knowledge Ridge Expert Calls

Choose how you want to connect with our experts for the quickest and most actionable qualitative and quantitative business intelligence.

Phone Consultation

A one-on-one consultation call with our experts

Multi-Participants Phone Consultation

Multiple stakeholders to your expert call

Translated Phone Consultation

Add a translator to your one-on-one phone interview

Phone Consultation with Call Transcript

Get a complete transcript of the consultation after your call

Hybrid Phone Consultation

Get a written report followed by a phone call to validate the data points

What Our Clients Say

How It Works

Account Manager: Primary point of contact assigned
Based on your
project brief
  • Project objective
  • Industry
  • Topic of interest
  • Number of experts
  • Nature of experts
  • Scope of knowledge required
, they ensure your needs are understood and seamlessly managed throughout the entire process.

Research Manager: Identifies top-tier experts for you

They deploy skilled researchers to find relevant experts, ensuring timely and high-quality outcomes.

In-house Industry Catalysts: Recommends experts for your niche requirements

By filtering through technical specifications, they recommend experts to meet your specific project criteria.

Research Team: Custom-vets experts through phone interviews

They ensure that the expert fits project requirements for relevance, direct involvement, communication style, availability, and compliance.

Why Do Clients Trust Knowledge Ridge?


A robust compliance framework that can be tailored to fit your business requirements


Customizable subscription packages and pay-per-use engagements to fit your needs

Value-added Services

Augmented services like transcription, translation & interpretation, expert reports & analysis

Premium Insights

Our clients get first-hand insights on market trends from Fortune 500 experts through interactive event formats

Our Clients Include

Professional Services

Knowledge Ridge experts play a significant role in the information value chain.
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Investment Management

Channel checks and end-to-end expert network support across the due diligence process.
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Tailor-made expert solutions designed to fit all business needs.
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