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At Knowledge Ridge, we shape the future of leadership by bringing exceptional leaders and organizations together. Tap into our expansive global network, spanning 80+ countries and 158 industry verticals, to secure board members who bring diverse perspectives and invaluable experience.

Our proven track record and strategic guidance are trusted by leading organizations worldwide. Partner with Knowledge Ridge to ensure that your leadership team is primed for success.

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Corporate Board Placements

Corporate boards play a crucial role in steering an organization toward its core objectives in an increasingly competitive and uncertain business landscape. Our board placement services help identify as well as select robust and proactive board leadership for your business:

  • Establish a vision, mission, and purpose statement
  • Institute bylaws and a robust governance system
  • Ensure ethical integrity and legal compliance
  • Enroll new board members and evaluate board performance
  • Control and monitor business processes
  • Act as fiduciaries to safeguard shareholder investments & company assets
  • Successfully conduct in-depth internal assessments
  • Effectively respond to new strategic challenges

Executive Placements and Management Teams

We believe that precise executive placements are often the missing piece of the puzzle on the road to leadership development and to achieving future business goals. Our executive placement services help you identify experienced senior executives and C-suite who will:

  • Develop high-quality business plans that support strategic visions and handle complex challenges
  • Ensure strategies and goals are in sync
  • Steer teams through business transformations while minimizing disruptions
  • Effectively navigate the challenges of dynamic business environments
  • Establish a strong network of skills and strategic alliances
  • Ensure governance, quality assurance, and infrastructure for optimum functionality and efficiency

Use Cases

We source, assess, and help businesses onboard niche industry experts to enhance their strategic and decision-making approaches.

Board Placements for Portfolio Companies

Acquire leaders with operational, financial, or industrial expertise who will understand the pulse of your firm's goals, mission, culture, and pace to drive change and build business resilience.

Senior Executive Hiring for Businesses

Gain access to and hire key professionals with years of rich and relevant experience in driving business success in their industries and areas of expertise.

Expert Advisors for Business Expansion

Make informed decisions to start, accelerate, or expand operations into different geographies, industries, or verticals through our expert advisors.

Due Diligence & Research During Acquisitions

Get the most relevant and current market insights and/or validate your research from trusted experts active in the field before you invest.

Advisory Boards for Smaller Startups

Bring on experienced experts on an informal basis primarily for actionable advice and feedback to fuel your decision-making.

Addition of A BOARD MEMBER to Your Fully-Mandated Board

Place in-industry professionals on your board as expert trusted advisors who hold legal responsibilities on behalf of your organization and are actively involved in your business' critical decision-making process.

Reacting to Disruptive Market Events

Use our executive and board recruitment services and bring on timely expertise to reevaluate the priorities of your business, steering your organization out of uncertain, disruptive, or turbulent situations towards sustainable success.

Leadership Assessments

Engage experts swiftly to effectively identify critical gaps in your leadership team and board roles.

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How It Works?

Understanding the placement requirements

A single dedicated point of contact talks at length with the stakeholders, working closely to help identify the exact executive placement need or the board succession plan, and manage the end-to-end workflow for the placement requirement.

Developing a position description

A clear position brief and selection criteria are agreed upon and defined based on the necessary leadership experience, CEO succession planning, critical competencies, and technical knowledge.

Identifying suitable candidates

Our researchers deploy tested strategies to identify, phone interview, and assess highly-relevant candidates, ensuring quick turnarounds, quality profiles, and placement success.

Why Do Clients Trust Knowledge Ridge

Relevance and Depth of Expertise

Carefully vetted expertise that caters to your specific needs


A robust compliance framework that can be tailored to fit your business requirements


We take pride in providing hyper-niche expert placements that absolutely match your requirement. If and when the need arises, we can help replace board members


A curated network of experts with direct involvement in your topics of interest to ensure actionable knowledge transfer

Sector Agnostic

We can find the right expert in any sector

Modus Operandi

Our approach toward our clients and experts is personalized and relationship-based rather than being transactional

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