Expert Term Engagements

Term Engagements for Deeper Custom Insights

Knowledge Ridge term engagements can help businesses overcome time and resource constraints when looking for the quickest and most relevant strategic, tactical, or commercial insights for their project requirement or research. We identify top-tier professionals armed with first-hand expertise to help businesses and their leaders make informed decisions confidently.

Our clients engage with our experts for assignments, project deliverables, reports, or workshops that need longer interactions for deeper customized insights and access to real-time data.

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Leverage Our Experts' Knowledge and Experience to Your Advantage

Connect with our network of more than 353,000 industry experts across multiple sectors. Knowledge Ridge term engagements typically serve requirements that call for an expert or team of experts to be engaged for longer than a single working day to deliver an assignment, project deliverable, or report.

We treat each expert engagement request/consultation as a unique advisory project supporting clients at every stage and building long-term relations with our experts based on mutual trust and commitment. We offer different forms of long-term expert engagement and business consulting services to suit our clients' needs.

  • Workshops
  • Field Visits
  • Executive Placements
  • Board Placements
  • Technical IDIs

Our clients can also choose to speak with our expert regularly - weekly, monthly, or quarterly - to receive timely, updated, and in-depth insights to make informed decisions.

Expert Term Engagement Use Cases

Accelerate value creation, identify opportunities, resolve conflict, and enhance your business with critical knowledge and insights from our experts.

Market Research for Business Expansion

Leverage our experts' first-hand knowledge to understand your target markets, business environments, and social, cultural, and regulatory nuances before finalizing your expansion plan.

Due Diligence for Acquisitions

Evaluate the opportunities and implications of a potential acquisition, pre-bid, with irreplaceable nuanced research and insights from our experts.

Returns & Risks Analysis of Investments

Our experts help you make informed investment decisions with experience-backed, actionable advice and custom insights during our expert engagement about potential investments and their implications.

Business Process Optimization

Improve efficiency, reevaluate and simplify processes, and optimize costs for your business with our experts' extensive operational, tactical, or financial experience.

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How It Works?

Account Manager
At the beginning of the expert engagement, a dedicated account manager is appointed to understand the
project brief
  • Industry
  • Region
  • Topic of interest
  • Deliverables
  • Expected engagement period
and manage the end-to-end workflow. The project scope is defined - objectives, deliverables, and timeline.

Research Manager

This professional is in charge of the comprehensive research effort and expert vetting process for the project, and deploys experienced researchers to find and engage relevant experts, ensuring quick turnarounds and quality compliance.

In-House Industry Catalysts

Our global network of active in-house industry catalysts filters through your technical and niche requirements to engage and refer experts with relevant business experience.

Research Team

Our researchers vet industry experts and conduct meticulous phone interviews to determine the expert's relevance, engagement level, direct involvement, communication style, availability, and compliance, with the project requirements. The expert signs Knowledge Ridge terms and conditions and NDA to ensure confidentiality during the expert engagement.

Why Do Clients Trust Knowledge Ridge

Relevance and Depth of Expertise

Carefully vetted expertise during the engagement that caters to your specific needs


Client-specific verticals and expert consulting services that work as an extension of your team


A curated network of experts with direct involvement in your topics of interest to ensure actionable knowledge transfer during the engagement


A robust compliance framework that can be tailored to fit your business requirements during the engagement


On-time intelligence delivery


Customizable subscription packages and pay-per-use engagements to fit your needs

Value-added Services

Augmented services like transcription, translation & interpretation, expert reports & analysis

Premium Insights

Our clients get first-hand insights on market trends from Fortune 500 experts through interactive event formats

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