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Why “Challenge” Your Business?

<p>Every business has a challenge, be it time, finances or getting systems to do what they should do. Some businesses are smart and find this out early on. They see who they have on their team with the ability, and skills to deal with it. If that is not an option, they look for outside help.</p><p>This is often where I come in to look at issues relating to innovations, digital transformations, CRM, ERP and Websites. You may have so many&nbsp;multiple complex systems that the simplest of tasks that should take no time at all, instead they take for ever and multiple systems are needed to solve these basic issues.&nbsp;</p><p>You may have systems that are difficult to manage, Cyber Security, Privacy and data breach concerns and are not sure where to turn. You may know you need a road map, a strategic plan and digital transformation all because of&nbsp;broken systems or too much time spending on putting out fires to see the forest from the trees. In other words, you cannot to take that real helicopter view of your business or department.</p><p>This is the stuff that should be standard, that stuff that makes your life easier, your employees live easier.</p><p>&nbsp;My first task often involves sitting, listening, and strategizing with all areas of the business to find all of the pain points, warts and all, leaving no stone unturned to&nbsp;find the root causes of issues.&nbsp;Then compile them into recommendations, strategies, and plans.</p><p>You know that you need to change. You know you need to innovate. If not, you know that your business will be left behind. You know that your employee engagement will suffer.&nbsp;<em>But your scared.</em></p><p><em>Scared of the change, scared of the unknowns and the costs.</em></p><p><em>But what about the cost to your business if you do not change?</em></p><p><strong>Many people see innovation as change, and change can be scary.</strong></p><p>So, what happens? They get scared, they do not innovate and end up working&nbsp;<em>in their</em>&nbsp;business not&nbsp;<em>on their</em>&nbsp;business. Moreover, their competitors overtake them and leave you far behind.</p><p>Here at MR &amp; A, we have never seen change, innovation, and improvement like that. We see change as an exciting period for your business, its nothing to be scared about at all. Innovation is about making things better for you, your employees and most importantly your customers, so that you have the edge over your competitors.</p><p>The field of IT changes so quickly that it can be hard to plan a strategy while keeping up with technological advancements, let alone manage what you have already.</p><p>We see this more in the Not for Profit, Charity, Health, Start up and what we term as the &lsquo;giving back&rsquo; sectors,&nbsp;those people, companies and associations, that want to make the world a better place for all.</p><p>Yet without a strategic roadmap built on data-driven insights, your staff can be overworked, spending excessive time putting out &ldquo;technical fires&rdquo; instead of focusing on strategic tasks that comply with core business needs and allow you to grow.</p><p>Not all businesses react fast enough and often for those that do not, are heavily affected by Cyber breaches costing millions to correct and support the PR fallout.</p><p>&nbsp;Organizations crumble due its Roadblocks and outdated technology; software and systems fail at critical times causing business to close or have irreparable harm done.</p><p><strong>What happens?</strong></p><p>&nbsp;<u>They call in help far too late</u>, often where more issues have occurred and&nbsp;they are lost in the stress, the hysteria,&nbsp;&nbsp;and the process of how to get out of the situation.</p><p>Our IT strategy, consulting, and project execution services are the first step toward transforming your businesses enterprise IT and improving your business efficiency. We focus on scoping out the problem fully, speaking with you and your teams, finding the pain points, current roadblocks, and potential breakages. We often see the problem that they can see is not the real problem.......</p><p><strong>How do we help?</strong></p><p>We have the industry experience, knowledge, partners, and tools to methodically assess how your business interacts with Technology. We look at your IT services holistically, finding improvement areas that will have the greatest impact on employee productivity and experience, service levels and customer satisfaction.</p><p>&nbsp;We help businesses reach their full potential by partnering with clients to help them maximise the success of their business and to achieve their personal goals.</p><p>Providing&nbsp;complete Information Technology strategic management and&nbsp;support for you and your business, for everything that can be thought of as an &lsquo;IT System&rsquo; from VOIP phones through to Complex ERP, CRM and entire Corporate Digital Transformations, websites, E-stores, social media, search engine optimisation, search engine&nbsp;and digital marketing.</p><p>Working across all industries, we specialise and have profound respect for organisations in the Not for Profit, Charity, Start-up, Social Conscious, General Technology and Automotive Industries.</p><p><strong>We like to give back to the community for the betterment of all in our engagements and interactions.</strong></p><p>We develop a plan and encourage you to act. This could be as easy.</p><ul><li>As thinking about new ways of working and collaborating,</li><li>systems audit and recommending that new IT partners for your organisation,&nbsp;</li><li>Systems and software replacements,</li><li>Innovative technologies to consider and implement,</li><li>Or news ways of thinking through,</li><li>Outsourcing specific items under in house management to free up more time (like social media and website maintenance)&nbsp;</li><li>To complete digital transformations and enterprise system replacements.</li></ul><p>I have been doing this with businesses to help you to know who your customer really is, talk to your customers to find out what they need. We then can help with building products / services that deliver meaningful value to your customers. We constantly test and adjust.</p><p>We will help you engage your people &ndash; they are your biggest asset! People are an investment &ndash; the right people with the right mindset and skills are critical to your success &ndash; we can help with this!</p><p>We know teams need a mission and a sense of purpose &ndash;&nbsp;<em>why&nbsp;</em>we work affects&nbsp;<em>how</em>&nbsp;we work. We can help with culture; you already know that it drives long-term and sustainable performance</p><p>Organisations we have helped, have embraced the&nbsp;<em>squiggly line</em>&nbsp;of improvement. We have coached them to be focused on the end goal, not a set pathway. As such, they now can define the right problem before trying to solve it.</p><p>Further, these organisations now understand&nbsp;<em>their</em>&nbsp;business metrics. They can now balance data and drive correct decisions without the use of gut feel and here-say. They have changed the way they think about risk and payoff for action they now have an engaged team with a culture of action.</p><p>In short, we have helped our clients:</p><ul><li>Re-set, re-balance and re-create their businesses into success stories, and</li><li>Dramatically increase revenue, profit, and performance</li><li>Reduce IT costs, allowing more agile &lsquo;go to market&rsquo; and complete supply chain solutions</li><li>Develop more attractive and enticing websites, SEO and SEM campaigns</li><li>Increase social media engagement levels that deliver leads and enquiries.</li><li>Transform mindsets and develop high performing teams to deliver tangible results</li><li>Develop company cultures that ensure engagement and a workforce aligned to your company&rsquo;s mission statements and values.</li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p>
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