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Why A Virtual CIO Works Harder For Your NFP Or Charity

<p>If you work for an NFP or charity, where every dollar absolutely counts, the strategic use of technology is vital to your success. Every organization would benefit from an experienced and knowledgeable Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to align the company&rsquo;s technology with its business direction but hiring a CIO/CTO is a challenging financial proposition for many in these sectors.</p><p>&nbsp;It&rsquo;s for this reason that NFPs and charities are increasingly hiring a Virtual CIO/ CTO (or VCXO) and reaping the benefits of cost savings, without sacrificing the results.</p><p><strong>What is a Virtual CIO?</strong></p><p>A Virtual CIO (vCIO) usually works remotely and is responsible for providing technological road maps, budgeting, infrastructure management, network security, disaster recovery, consultation, troubleshooting, new technology recommendations to support company operations and accomplish overall business objectives.</p><p>A vCIO levels the playing field for NFPs and charities, by providing a cost-effective way of having an expert consultant on board, ensuring the business stays on the cutting edge of technological developments, without having to pay an executive salary. The main difference between a vCIO consulting services and other IT consultancy services is that the vCIO takes control of the technology of an organization and provides strategic direction to support long-term growth.</p><p>&nbsp;<strong>Why Do You Need a vCIO in Your Business?</strong></p><p>Without the right person running your technology team, your organization could be at serious risk. Technical expertise is not enough, your CIO also needs the vision and strategic perspective to keep you on track and aligned to your strategic direction. Ask yourself:</p><p>&bull; Is your technology platform aligned with your future business needs?</p><p>&bull; Do you have a strong CIO who can create an IT vision to match your business goals?</p><p>&bull; Are you getting the best return on investment with your IT?</p><p><em>Companies that adopt cutting-edge technology have a competitive edge in the market. Matthew Ryan and Associate's affordable vCIO services can keep your business at the forefront of development while keeping your costs under control.</em></p><p><strong>Why A vCIO Can Help You Succeed For Less</strong></p><p>Although a CIO is critical to the success of a growing business, hiring a full-time CIO may be financially impractical</p><p>In contrast, a vCIO offers you the benefits of strategic thinking in a more affordable and convenient package. You can hire a vCIO by the hour or for a fixed number of hours per month. This means your NFP or charity can have effective business leadership at a much more manageable cost.</p><p>You receive the following benefits:</p><p>&bull; Strategic leadership when and where you need it.</p><p>&bull; The services of an IT implementation and management expert.</p><p>&bull; IT expenditure that is aligned with your business needs.</p><p>&bull; Improved efficiency and effectiveness.</p><p>&bull; Increased return on investment.</p>
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