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Are Your Customers Brain-Fuddled By Too Much Choice?

<p>How Digital Marketing can help quieten the noise</p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);">Having spent my formative years as a Merchandiser, I&rsquo;m familiar with the choice conundrum. Now I&rsquo;m viewing the world from a Digital Marketing perspective I am seeing techniques which can really help to calm the noise for customers.</p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);">So, what are the key tactics to get right to help a customer search your products?</p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);"><u>Curation</u></p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);">Have an opinion!</p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);">Customers want you to help them choose, so curate your range, your content, and your communications. No one wants to buy from a brand that doesn&rsquo;t know what it represents.</p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);"><u>Authority</u></p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);">Customers gravitate to brands they know, like and trust.</p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);">Use News articles, Blog posts, Media endorsements, educational content to demonstrate that you are the experts in your field.</p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);">&nbsp;<u>Filters</u></p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);">Customers love filters but hate them when they don&rsquo;t work.</p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);">Regularly check that your filters are delivering sensible results and that none return single products, or worse&hellip;no products! Work with your Product teams to make sure that products are accurately attributed for customer filtering.</p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);"><u>New</u></p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);">Your regular customers love to know what&rsquo;s new.</p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);">Refresh your content regularly, either with new products or new blog posts or social posts to keep customers engaged and coming back to look at you even when they aren&rsquo;t in buying frame of mind.</p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);"><u>Urgency &amp; Scarcity</u></p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);">Nothing prompts a customer into action like FOMO.</p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);">Don&rsquo;t worry about occasionally selling out too quickly &ndash; get it before it&rsquo;s gone, last chance to buy, we can find [rare product] for you are all strong calls to action.</p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);"><u>Social proof</u></p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);">Customers read reviews. A lot.</p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);">Manage your online reputation by requesting and responding to reviews. Remember that customers don&rsquo;t trust all 5 starts &ndash; they like to see how you have dealt with problems as well as reading comments from your fan base.</p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);"><strong>Curation &ndash; Authority &ndash; Filters &ndash; New &ndash; Urgency &amp; Scarcity &ndash; Social Proof</strong></p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);">Wherever your brand sits on the depth vs breadth equation, there are marketing tactics you can apply to help customers to decide to shop with you.</p><p style="font-weight: var(--artdeco-reset-typography-font-weight-normal);">&nbsp;</p>
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