Phospholipids Or Enhanced Bioavailability

<p>Phospholipids as the name says, are lipids containing phosphorus. They are essential lipids of biological membranes. Based on their amphiphilic character, phospholipids are used as emulsifiers, wetting agents, solubilizers &amp; liposomes due to their property of self-assembly. Phospholipids play functional roles in various health segments.</p><p>In general, fats, phospholipids, and steroids are different types of lipids present in the body and perform various functions. Among them, phospholipids are found in high concentrations within the lining of every cell of the body including brain cells.</p><p>A phospholipid is similar to a triglyceride except that it contains a phosphate group and a nitrogen-containing compound such as choline. In food, phospholipids are natural emulsifiers, allowing fat and water to mix, and they are used as food additives for this purpose. Phospholipids, especially lecithins, are already widely used as natural emulsifiers and have been gaining increasing interest as natural antioxidants to control lipid oxidation. The phospholipid lecithin is present in sufficient quantities across foods such as egg yolks, liver, wheat germ, and peanuts. Other major sources of phospholipids are vegetable oils such as soya bean, sunflower seed, rapeseed, and cotton.</p><p>It has been found that phosphatidylcholine present in lecithin has the ability to improve the solubility and absorption of pharmaceutical and bioactive ingredients that are either insoluble or barely soluble in water. In pharmaceutical applications, phosphatidylcholine may reduce objectionable side effects of drug substances and thereby render them physiologically more tolerable.</p><p>Phospholipids are getting used in consumer products in several ways that can be summarised as: Natural emulsifiers, moisturizers &amp; humectants, permeation enhancers, nutritional supplements &amp; vitamin sources. Phospholipids are bio friendly and offer various advantages such as formulation flexibility and the choice of different New Drug Delivery Systems based on the intended use.</p><p>Recent studies conducted on few bioactive compounds using phospholipid complexes have found providing higher bioavailability. The phyto-phospholipid complexation technique has emerged as an imperative tool in improving bioavailability of plant bioactives. This technique has effectively solved the issue and has offered a preparation of plant bioactive compounds with sufficient lipid penetrability at higher concentration.</p><p>Phospholipids provide a great opportunity for formulators to enhance their product bioavailability.</p>
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