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AI Software Assuming A Big Role In Telco Space Globally

<p>AI Software is assuming a big role in Telco space globally, especially for Preventive Maintenance, Network Planning and Optimization, Product Analytics/CEM.</p><p>Current Models:</p><ol><li>Software license-based subscription</li><li>Software-as-a-Services based AI Module</li><li>Platform-based AI Software</li><li>AI managed Services tool</li><li>MEC - Cloud based AI tools</li></ol><p>While currently, Telcos are stuck up with one and two with major vendors, but there is a clear shift seen with Telco either collaborating with #SI's or creating their software team to leverage independent AI tools and use for big data analytics, customer experience, planning , optimization and new streams like IIoT, Vedio, AR, VR and RPA at edge locations leading to revenue enhancement.</p><p>In 5G Regime, partnerships &amp; alliances in Multi Edge, /Multi Cloud Environment , Service Based Architecture, Open Platform with API layer and the Edge Applications will encourage independent AI based software services to drive volume business opportunity and move to 3 and 4 with SI folks acting as enablers.</p><p>Views on changing dynamics, business model, timeline, and gradual shift from 1 to 5&hellip;.</p><p>#ai #cloud #5g #analytics #datascience #rpa #customerexperience #opportunity #business #software #machinelearning #maintenance #partnerecosystem #platformstrategy</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
KR Expert - Arvind Pandey

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