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<p>A positive mindset and belief in oneself are so powerful that you can achieve what the rest of the world views as impossible.&nbsp;Remember to chase your dreams because the world would not be what it is today without the impossible dreams of many individuals and teams becoming a reality through self-belief and a persistently positive attitude.&nbsp;</p><p>&ldquo;To achieve the impossible, one must first believe they can, and only then will your mindset, processes, and areas of focus be shifted or disrupted in a manner that will allow you to reach your dreams and goals.&rdquo; ~Wesley Wren&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><div class="slate-resizable-image-embed slate-image-embed__resize-right"><img src=";v=beta&amp;t=7d-aZ_f6NTEEzqx6mZcTUezcnvWstfCajQC8dMXZpFY" alt="No alt text provided for this image" data-media-urn="" data-li-src=";v=beta&amp;t=7d-aZ_f6NTEEzqx6mZcTUezcnvWstfCajQC8dMXZpFY" /></div><p>Imagine how many people laughed at the Wright brothers and said they were crazy.&nbsp;Creating a flying vehicle, what are those brothers thinking.&nbsp;They must have a few marbles loose upstairs.&nbsp;Well, thank God the Wright Brothers had a strong self-belief in their dreams and talents, or we may not be flying today.&nbsp;The airplane was a disruptive technology developed in 1903 that still has a massive impact on our lives today.&nbsp;</p><p>Today the top disruptive technologies like additive manufacturing, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Industry of Things are changing our world faster than one could have imagined just a few years ago. The pace at which disruptive changes occur will drastically increase with companies like Elon Musk&rsquo;s Starlink being able to deliver internet that is 95% faster than what we are using today.&nbsp;Imagine how this increase in speed will improve global data analysis and efficiencies.&nbsp;In an article by KMPG, The Changing Landscape of Disruptive Technologies, they rank the leading technologies driving business transformation in the next few years.&nbsp;<strong>IoT</strong>&nbsp;(industry of things) is number one, with AI second and robotics third amongst the disruptive technologies that will drive the business transformation for the next few years.&nbsp;Other notable disruptive technologies driving change include quantum computing, augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing/AM (additive manufacturing), synthetic biology and advanced materials, drones, and secure cloud-based data.</p><div class="slate-resizable-image-embed slate-image-embed__resize-right"><img src=";v=beta&amp;t=Azol2LwOhNV1nSEl9jL2yRCHQ2-0Dc1JdnYnbU8LGjs" alt="No alt text provided for this image" data-media-urn="" data-li-src=";v=beta&amp;t=Azol2LwOhNV1nSEl9jL2yRCHQ2-0Dc1JdnYnbU8LGjs" /></div><p>One thing that is certain in this world with IoT, AI, robotics, and additive manufacturing, along with new disruptive technologies like Starlink improving the rate at which we can transfer data globally.&nbsp;The world we live in is evolving quickly, so don&rsquo;t just watch the change be a part of it. Utilize these new technologies to drive your companies and careers.&nbsp;Dream big and chase your dreams being positively disruptive!&nbsp;</p><p>Do not fear going after dreams that others say are impossible, as your dream may be the next positive disruption the world needs.</p>
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