Digitalization In Supply Chain

<p>New and emerging technologies are available to streamline Supply Chain operations. Companies are beginning to realize their value and importance. These systems, however, will not work well without huge sums of relevant data, the right level of I.T. infrastructure, and SMEs to manage implementation.<br /><br />Additional Risks to be aware of when transitioning to a more digitized operation:<br /><br />1. Risks of Hasty Implementation<br />2. Risk of Poor Data<br />3. Risks of Poor Processes<br />4. Choosing Wrong Technology<br /><br />Before embarking on your strategy to implement A.I. and increase the competitiveness of your company, you should follow these guidelines:<br /><br />1) Start with one or two experiments to learn how to train and deploy A.I. algorithms in your organization.<br />2) Shift orientation to those sectors that will yield biggest competitive advantages.<br />3) Scale up the use of A.I. to help make smarter decisions in other parts of your business<br />4) Over emphasize the collection of data in your company. The more data, the smarter and more accurate the results will be.<br /><br /><br /></p>
KR Expert - Joseph DaMico

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