Farmers- The Business Class People

<p>A day will come when India will see farmer as a businessman.</p><p>When I say Farmer- He is a born philosopher. Conqueror of hunger &amp; thirst. Killer of economic instability, a fighter, a professor, and a good human being.</p><p>Agriculture is always divine, and we all should feel proud that we have born in this holy land of India where agriculture is respected, religiously followed by the people for centuries. Yes, today people have found multiple ways to earn money to feed their families, to fulfil their desires, ambitions etc. But we should not look agriculture as a neglected profession. There is energy, power, spirit, patriotism in this soil. And the only people who believe in it are our Farmers.</p><p>Today these farmers are facing a lot of challenges morally, financially, ethically and seeking for a better life for them, for their family. We need to stand with them to support their efforts every day. They have to feed their family, have to give a better life and a right direction to their children.</p><p>And it is a chain of efforts. Where the organizations will support the farmers to produce high-quality crops and initiate the marketing support activities as a service, on the other hand, these farmers should get the technology for their agricultural practices to maximize the output from their respective lands. It may be mechanization, Information communication technology to minimize the information gap between the farmers and the producer organizations in terms of technological know-how, crop cultivation practices, market intelligence, capacity building, sustainable livelihood etc.</p><p>That's how I believe Indian Agriculture Eco-System must evolve. And that's how we must make our farmers as business class people.</p><p>Let us unite and join our hands to support Indian Farmers with structured, organized, re-designed agrarian approaches to&nbsp;<strong>Redefine Indian Agriculture</strong>&nbsp;forever.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
KR Expert - Tulasishyam Sharma

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