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Future Of Advertising On OTT Platforms

<p>The widespread of pandemic COVID 19 has locked down the lives of the people for several months now. It has changed the lives of people in a lot of ways. From the economy of the nation to the lives of the people, everyone is facing the impacts of this deadly virus. Even the television industry is in short of supply of fresh content to its viewers. Therefore, viewers have turned their faces to the video streaming platforms.</p><p>As per the studies made and the data collected from the sources, it has been indicated to have a drastic increase in the consumption of the OTT platform across Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, Zee5, SunNxt and many more. With an increase in the viewership of the video streaming platforms, the volume of the advertisements has also increased. Since February, the platforms have got an exponential increase month over month for online advertisements.</p><p>One of the famous research firm TAM has released the data that ad insertions on OTT have doubled up in April 2020 over march 2020. These months are defined as the pre COVID-19 and the COVID 19 period respectively. In March, the insertions were counted to be around 16000 as compared to the 33000 in the immediately following month. In February, there were 11000 insertions of videos on the video streaming platforms.</p><p>Also, I have found that the OTT platforms have got an increased share of 61% in March to 87% in April 2020.</p><p>I am quite amazed by the new categories getting introduced on the small screens. These included 34 categories and 82 new advertisers and in April 2020 new 119 brands are inserted on OTT platforms. It is also found that the order of the aggressive sectors for advertising has changed a lot. The foods and beverages sector scaled to the first position from the second one and the services sector dropped from 1st position to the third position. A great hike is found in the education sector from 13 to 5.</p><p>Categories like the shampoos, sugar and tea, etc were also in the top 10 categories and have got more than 70% share of the ad insertions on the OTT platforms.</p><p>Concluding to an end, In India, most of the users have switched to the paid OTT subscriptions. This is where the OTT platforms have increased revenues. It is also expected that the future of the OTT platforms will from now on is going to get a hike. If you are planning to launch your ad on the OTT platforms, then it is a great idea as per my considerations. I hope the article has helped you to know about how the OTT platforms will be doing in the future.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
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