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Information Technology Playbook- Leadership Facts & Guidelines

<p>Demystify the Process /Project you are working on, Courage to take ownership of failures, What's in it for my stakeholders, Build redundancies when a process is overtly technology dependent and eliminate single point of failure, Ability to pre-empt bottle necks and concerns and turning detractors into Promoters, Prioritization, Data driven approach and not perceptive Operations, Co-ordinate and Navigate through complex matrix structures and focus on execution and keep an eye on the desired outcome, question the status Quo, making Governance a shared responsibility.......change of mindset and stakeholder engagement, Communication, Keeping it simple and stating the obvious, transparency and provide options for a Problem, Consultancy capacity and admin responsibilities to be fungible, encourage inclusive behavior to carry out change management seamlessly, Building a clear line of sight attached to strategy and breaking them down to manageable tasks and highlight challenges and define in scope and outscore at the very onset and build a culture of zero surprises.</p><p>Orient Stakeholders to value-add proposition rather than another task which would seem disruptive and offer support and suggestions without being directive and keep an eye on the journey rather than the destination.</p><p>Eliminate culture of over committing and under delivering and always setting the right expectations within the guidelines and resources provided. Working with diverse teams and different skillsets and ability to extract the best out of the pool of Teams working in various geographies, businesses and domains. Ability to adapt to a dynamic environment and embrace change as an opportunity and not as a step out of the comfort zone......adopt newer ways of working and above all listen to suggestions and being opened to change rather than a closed mindset. Refer proven and time-tested processes but not hard code them to ways of working as something that might have worked earlier might not work in the present scenario as there has been an addition to the moving levers involved.</p><p>Above all build a culture of excellence, effectiveness and efficiency with an eye towards developing Immediate Team members and showcasing a career path and pride in what they are expected to deliver. Going that extra mile and encourage inquisitiveness and building a sound backup where the foundation of the role is not dependent on people but robust processes that are current and ever adaptive and flexible within the remit of legal, regulatory and local compliance guidelines.</p><p>Harnessing the synergies of extended Teams and increase capability by encouraging Ideas with rock solid plans for putting thoughts into action.</p><p>E.g. Not just ideate but brainstorm how to achieve the desired outcome and build in contingencies/response plan in case milestones are not met. Basically, have a vision to see it through the finish line and should not be a check box exercise.</p>
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