How Small Finance Banks Empower Women

<p><strong>The Momentum you need</strong></p><p>Haven&rsquo;t you heard the old saying "a rolling stone gathers no mass". Well, here is my take. "a rolling stone gathers momentum". Let me explain !!</p><p>&ldquo;To change or not to change&ldquo;. &ldquo;Should I or should I not&rdquo;. Is this the right time? Is this the right decision? Who can help me evaluate?</p><p>Haven&rsquo;t many of us gone thru this in our life? Been in comfortable jobs and even if there was a great opportunity, we have not given it even a chance of evaluation including telling the head hunter "Thanks, but sorry I am not looking for a change". Thanks. !! Soon enough there is a jolt. (a new boss, new structure, organizations priorities change, etc) and we suddenly want a change of job. Then looms a larger question. &ldquo; Where do I seek an opportunity ?, who can I consult? , what are the options available ?, can I check with someone of this profile? and many other doubts that keep creeping in. I keep hearing this over and over again and I realized that it is not the fear of change but the fear of how to go about the change is the larger question, not to mention, Do I need to change or work out something internally?</p><p>Therefore, the trick is to be ready and connected with the industry at all times, to make a decision to move internally or externally. Move when there is growth and not when there is desperation.</p><p>Well, if you have to do this, I strongly believe and with experience will vouch for the fact that it is critical to be a part of and build a network. Networking with people with similar professional backgrounds is extremely critical - to get advice, seek mentoring, coaching &hellip; all of this is needed. Above all, it becomes a sounding board for opportunities.</p><p>I did pick up opportunities that came my way, took risks in my career but I did miss a strong community platform of a kind when I was building my career, and hence, I decided to be part of that network to help build this missing piece.</p><p>During my career, I have seen the most successful and profitable business models epitomize what I am trying to articulate -&nbsp;A community that helps the members help one another.</p><p>The microfinance model of lending is one of the best in the world. It&rsquo;s the strongest community platform. And rightly so. It&rsquo;s a community of women who come together for a purpose, pool in resources, step in to lend to those in need or help, and form a support system. The microfinance model is well tested and has stood strong in all changing weathers including COVID 19.</p><p>What the women executives need is that spirit to be infused in building networks that will let you ask for support without inhibition and offer without hesitation because the network members know that each of them can be as many givers as they are receivers.</p><p>To bridge this gap and enable women from the banking technology fraternity to have a strong connection and community, Aspire For Her has launched a networking platform called &ldquo;WIN BankTech Network&rdquo;. This network has women from various parts of the bank-tech industry like sr. leaders,early-stage executives, new entrants wanting to make a career in banking tech, mid-career women, and others who are currently working in bank tech. Joining this community gives a host of advantages like industry information, mentoring, coaching, and much more.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
KR Expert - Jaya Janardanan

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