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Why Interact Regularly With Prospects Who Aren’t Getting Ready To Buy?

<p>In B2B, your Marketing Qualified Leads are an incredible resource for future business, either as Buyers or Referrers, so nurturing them is a great way to keep your pipeline moving. If you compare to a Retail experience, people window-shop, wander around browsing, look at you on Social Media &amp; click through display ads, all even if they know you, before they decide to buy. B2B is the same, people just use different tools to check you out. <img class="\&quot;size-full" src="\&quot;https:/\&quot;" alt="\&quot;\&quot;" width="\&quot;610\&quot;" height="\&quot;430\&quot;" /> 79% of B2B Buyers today are Millennials, and 75% of decision makers prefer remote interactions until they are over 2/3rds of the way down the sales funnel, so consider the tools they are using for their research so that your marketing efforts are fishing where the fish are swimming &ndash; your digital presence is more important than ever before, even more so in these uncomfortable times when we can&rsquo;t meet face to face. Try calculating how many of your MQLs are likely to be &ldquo;active&rdquo; &ndash; for example, if an MQL typically comes to you for your service every 3 years, and the typical Buying decision process takes 3 months, 8% of leads will be in Buying mode at any one time. (33% of the time divided by 4 cycles a year) This example says 92% of MQLs are therefore not currently in the mindset to buy. They are still engaged with your business, are interested in what you have to say and respect your thought leadership in your industry, so remember that &ldquo;givers gain&rdquo; &amp; don&rsquo;t forget to share! Now do the maths for your own business or industry. <strong>Nicky Mckenna</strong> Independent Retail Consultant / Former Chief Commercial Officer at The White Company</p>
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