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Entrepreneur's - Hunt Your Task With Colors!

<p>These days so many founders are solving many problems around the globe to make human life better and easy. However during this transition. Founder team's biggest problem is to complete the maximum tasks in minimum time with accuracy. Even when I started working on my Idea, Happy Healer. Task management was my biggest challenge. Because I was working with Accenture, for client Google. They believe in innovative solutions with technology and Accenture, their tag line is performance delivered. So I can't compromise on my performance during this phase. So I made my task list &amp; used a simple Google calendar to organize my task. At the same time while working. I was able to archive 99% of tasks at Google and 40% of initial important tasks in Happy Healer. I think as an entrepreneur you have to see opportunity in every problem that's why people call you an entrepreneur. If we talk about today's scenarios people have lots of options &amp; tools available in the market to make things easy. Don't waste time building your own solution for everything. Use every single free solution available in the market which makes sense for your project and will help you to scale fast.</p><p><strong>Make your Task &amp; KPI List Ready:&nbsp;</strong>Before working on anything decide your workable with your team because in startup you've to act as front end executive, finance, product expert. You've to be jack of all trade.&nbsp;To make things easy use your favorite color and give them priority as per your color preference.&nbsp;You can use basic tools like&nbsp;Google Sheets, Slides, etc these services are available in your Gmail and absolutely free.</p><div class="slate-resizable-image-embed slate-image-embed__resize-full-width"><img src=";v=beta&amp;t=xQz7116m8jK--2cYlqKcvK7z3QoZlT5NwWaXAuwnN0I" data-media-urn="" data-li-src=";v=beta&amp;t=xQz7116m8jK--2cYlqKcvK7z3QoZlT5NwWaXAuwnN0I" /></div><p><strong>Try Startup Solutions &amp; Services:</strong> In Happy Healer, even we use lots of free tools and services from some startups (Trelo, Asana, Flock, Detoolbox) and some big companies' services like Google, ZOHO Projects, Books, etc. It is very important for founders to maintain all tasks because you've to manage legal, product, service, planning, research, execution at the same time with the most important thing within the projected timeline. Stay motivated &amp; celebrate with your team on every single task. Happiness makes things easy.</p><p><strong>Now Finally, hunt your task with your favorite colors with your small team. Make yourself &amp; team addicted to turning things green in the project tracker. Best of luck to all my entrepreneur friends for your ventures!</strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p>
KR Expert - Pawan Verma

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