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<p>The companies Mutaree with Mrs. Claudia Schmidt and EZO with Mrs. Prof. Dr. Sonja Sackmann have already developed the change Fitness Study in the past. Central points here were communication and leadership as well as a clear definition of goals as approaches for better implementation in companies. Regardless of the change, I can also confirm these points in operational business from my consulting experience. </p><p>The link below will take you to the questionnaire and you can make your contribution to the study.<br />You will then receive a report after the results have been published. The following aspects are <br />dealt with: How can future change processes succeed better?<br />How can we shape change sustainably and successfully in the coming decade and release existing strengths?</p><p>In which temporal dimension can or must we cope with changes in the future?</p><p><strong>Value-Based Leadership And Integral Customer Management</strong><br /><br />Together with my partner consultant Karl-Heinz Weiland, we have held several management seminars with a focus on leadership (value-based) and customer management (integrated approach). The question often arose as to which qualities in management are indispensable for both subject blocks and how these can be easily illustrated. To this end, we have presented the following:</p><ul><li>orientation</li><li>positioning</li><li>Stabilitycourse correction</li><li>Measure</li><li>Human &amp; Emotions</li></ul><p>The discourse gave the participants a lot of food for thought and has led to the fact that one or the other has a LIGHTHOUSE on their desks. Nice success!BUT: We know EVERYTHING...... wanting, knowing, being able, and DOING! Only the latter brings lasting success. Have fun.</p>
KR Expert - Stephan Becker

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