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<p>Technology solutions and products are known to evolve with market requirements and customer expectations. Companies offering these products and solutions, therefore, require to keep pace and in sync with the changing market requirements, However, it&rsquo;s not always that easy and businesses fall short to utilize the best of technology. Bangalore Headquartered Templegate Technologies is a Boutique Consulting Company in Procurement Transformation and in Data Analytics Space. Templegate Technologies brings people, processes and technology together and bridges the Digital Divide for Procurement Transformation Solutions, Implementations, Integrations, Outsourcing, and Data Analytics.</p><p>Over 80 percent of issues in the Procurement Technology Space is related to erroneous implementation &amp; integrations with the ERP by procurement technology providers combined with the expectation of the high level of customization by users which primarily points out to hesitation in change and in using best practices. Technology providers need to take cognizance of the fact that the customer has relied on the solution for procurement transformation with substantial investments.<br /><br />Often customers need hand holding and support services for ROI during the entire cycle of adoption and usage of the solution. This is a &lsquo;major gap&rsquo;. Templegate Technologies helps bridge this GAP of people, processes &amp; technology by providing state-of-the-art solutions and services to customers. These solutions and services are tailor-made to achieve the best in class transformation and bring value. The process includes consulting, mentoring, handholding, training, and being a long-term technology partner for its customers.<br /><br /><strong>A 360&deg; Approach to Solving Complex Problems</strong></p><p>Our organisation focuses on Full Transformation Adoption, Business Process Alignment, and Change Management. We helps customers to identify the right solution for customers, and help them in achieving their ROI. This is done with a strong stakeholder engagement model with focus on capability build-up, deep category expertise and outcome-based approach.</p><p>We help streamline end-to-end processes by providing a compelling end-user experience with intuitive digital interfaces. Procurement resources are trained &amp; reskilled in core and emerging spend practices. We facilitate procurement operations by providing solutions in spend analytics, sourcing, contract management, supplier onBoarding &amp; relationship management, supplier risk management, automated PO &amp; eInvoicing, and catalogue management.<br /><br />We assist teams to help shed &ldquo;maverick&rdquo; buying, out-of-contract purchases, help in compliance, transparency and visibility in all spend while ensuring mitigation of fraud and supply chain risks.<br /><br />Our adaptive sourcing models help teams focus on preserving their unique processes since these cater to their industry-specific capabilities. Instead, the firm helps &lsquo;run&rsquo; such processes on behalf of the client&rsquo;s team with the trained staff who abide by their highest controls of security, compliance, financial and technical needs. The procurement process practitioners will therapeutically review process outliers and suggest fixes if found necessary.<br /><br />With such capabilities, we are working with reputed clients. Currently, our company is working with a major global FMCG company to transform their entire 'Source to Pay Processes.' &ldquo;Enterprises are outsourcing their procurement functions and processes to leverage external sourcing expertise and technical know-how. The primary objective is an increasing need to drive efficiency and effectiveness in the supply chain while complying with regulatory guidelines.<br /><br />We are also noticing an increase in the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics. We feel this is the right opportunity to leverage Templegate&rsquo;s collective strength in the area of technology deployment, supply chain know-how, and adoption of top in class technologies</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
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