Renewable Energy Leads Sustainable Development Investment

<p>The spectacular rise of sustainable investing is flowing to companies, that are in the best position to solve the urgent and complex problems created by climate change.</p><p>At the same time, companies and institutions that integrate sustainable and ethical practices in their decision-making processes, can create new sources of value and improving their profitability, ensuring their permanence, resilience in the global dynamics to come and showing pledge to support the&nbsp;achievement&nbsp;of the&nbsp;2030 Agenda.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>No doubt, that collaboration is the new hymn, but the one that seeks innovation and bringing fundamental changes.&nbsp;&nbsp; #Gamechangers believe in education based on #sustainability; they are convinced that the #environmentaleducation is the most effective tool, to revolutionize the way in which business and decisions are made in the long now.</p><p>Above and beyond, the energy sector has an impressive momentum, in fact, was the second largest producer of green patents, second only to the manufacturing industry. The analysis also showed that power producers began making substantial investments in renewable energy long before ESG and sustainable investment ratings existed. The fact is that these oil producers also hold the most &ldquo;blockbuster&rdquo; green patents, meaning they have developed foundational technologies that other companies frequently cite and build on in subsequent innovations. (Harvard Business School, 2020)</p><p>Regardless of whom provides your energy or if companies shift to a different source, strategic alliances with renewable energy companies, might be uniquely position your brand and reputation. &nbsp;What matters is that the brand that is promoting the use of renewable energy with its customers and buys from sustainable suppliers, thus being also a sustainable brand, that is deep committed with sustainable development, betting investment in renewable energy and with genuine commitment to mitigate climate action, to contribute the achievement of 2030 goals.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
KR Expert - Mauricio Bribiesca Roldan

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