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<p>Malnutrition is a major concern of any developing and growing economy. Fifty percent of rural India suffers from malnutrition as per the World Bank. Poor nutrition, both the lack of it in rural areas and excess of it in urban areas have consequences. Malnutrition is often thought of as just undernutrition, but such is not the case! Obese individuals may look or appear to be getting more than adequate food and nutrients, but the truth is that they too suffer from hidden hunger. Hidden hunger refers to micronutrients (vitamin and minerals that are required in small amounts but are crucial for the normal functioning of the body) deficiencies. Micronutrient deficiency contributes to annual losses of over 1% of the Indian GDP i.e. almost $22.6 billion. Vitamin D, for instance, has a role to play in hormonal control, in absorbing calcium to strengthen bones, and is also important for the heart, brain, immune function, and much more. Is sunlight all you need when your vitamin D levels are low? Why then are we recommended supplements? The very fact that we do not get sufficient vitamin D even through sunlight and diet is why we use a supplement to meet the deficit.&nbsp;</p><p>Trying to bridge this gap of requirement and availability of nutrients is the concept of fortification. Imagine meeting daily requirements as per the recommended dietary allowances could possibly eliminate deficiencies altogether. In accordance with the directives of the Government, there are different initiatives to counter micronutrient deficiencies. An answer to probably prevent an estimated 330,000 child deaths due to vitamin A deficiency, curb the widespread vitamin D deficiency&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>Every drop makes the ocean. Fortification is our endeavour to make a healthy family, society, community, city, state and country by fortifying commodities of daily use such as milk, oil, flour, etc. We provide customized solutions to meet daily requirements as per the Government initiative and now FSSAI also approves a fortification sign on products so that people are more aware. Following premixes are the few best available solutions with us:</p><p>- Fortification of milk with water miscible vitamin AD2</p><p>- Oily premix with vitamin AD2 for milk and oil</p><p>- Vitamin AD2E oily premix for oil fortification</p><p>- Cold water-soluble vitamin A Palmitate 250 serving as a source of vitamin A and also as a food additive&nbsp;</p><p>- Vitamin and mineral premix&nbsp;</p><p>Why not save time, money and the most important asset - &lsquo;health&rsquo;?&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
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