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The Maze Of Digital Communication In Today’s 24x7 WFH Life!

<p>In these unprecedented times, Covid19 seems to have thrown our &lsquo;normal lives&rsquo; out of gear. Our fast-paced lives that involved global travel, meeting clients and stakeholders in person, attending industry events &amp; conferences appear to have come to a grinding halt. But thanks to technology, companies across sectors have shown tremendous resilience and are doing a phenomenal job in adapting to the new normal by implementing work-from-home policies and delivering uninterrupted business continuity during this time of crisis.</p><p>The much-required social distancing to tackle Covid19 has necessitated most of us to switch to &lsquo;Work from home&rsquo; model. But as &lsquo;Work from home&rsquo; becomes a new normal, many of us often find ourselves spending a good amount of time on multiple digital channels to connect with our teams, clients, and an endless list of stakeholders. In fact, with the current lockdown in place, digital channels are emerging as the most used means of communicating and engaging with our family and friends as well.</p><p>With this digital advent, the volume of communication and the sheer no. of channels over which we communicate, has also increased exponentially, often making it difficult to navigate through such a vast amount of data exchange almost 24x7. Most of us can resonate with a scenario where we need to find information or file or email, but we often aren&rsquo;t able to remember where exactly that communication took place. Was it the office email Inbox or the Gmail ID, was it the internal company messaging channels like Skype, Teams, or a WhatsApp group? Was it a LinkedIn or Facebook message or a basic text on phone? I am sure, most of us can relate to this scenario where finding the information source is increasing getting impossible!</p><p>Now think of a platform that can search for<strong>&nbsp;</strong>all your communication items, professional as well as personal, collated at one single place so that you don&rsquo;t have to struggle between your mailbox, internal communication channels or social media channels. One place where you can look for all things you talk about, with anyone! Doesn&rsquo;t it sound amazing?</p><p>Using technologies like the cloud, such a platform can not only help us save time but can be equally fruitful in finding all the critical data when we need it. However, we do need to address the probable concerns and challenges, for e.g., data security when we talk about such an application. Experts believe that models like work-from-home will become a norm in the post-Covid19 era, and it is expected that a substantial number of employees of an organization will be asked to operate from home only. Such a platform can definitely turn out to be a saviour for us! However, there is a need to harness our technological know-how to come up with innovations that can enable the new-age digital workplaces, without hampering any productivity.</p><p>There&rsquo;s no doubt that #Covid19 has had a very strong impact on the way we work. While companies may witness an impact even during the post-pandemic period, the need of the hour is to evolve with the transition. The adoption of digital workplaces has the potential to accelerate digitally enabled environments and workplace transformation. All we need is the right set of tools that can help us make work-from-home an efficient and effective model. What do you think?</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
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