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10 Reasons For The Slow Adoption Of Cloud Computing In Nigeria

<p>The definition of cloud here is the hosting of an organisation&rsquo;s infrastructure on a virtualized platform. Organizations recognize that there is huge savings of their total cost of ownership. Also, no organization wants to lose their competitive edge in the market. There is more than a 70% rate of cloud adoption worldwide however out of the 70% Nigeria can barely boast of 20%.</p><p>Here are&nbsp;<strong>TEN REASONS&nbsp;</strong>Nigeria has not caught up with the rate of adoption seen elsewhere.</p><ul><li>The belief that moving their infrastructure off-premise is a SECURITY RISK.</li><li>The belief that cloud computing is very EXPENSIVE.</li><li>The LACK OF UNDERSTANDING of what cloud computing is really about.</li><li>There is a strong FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN.</li><li>There is a LACK OF AWARENESS of the availability of cloud computing LOCALLY.</li><li>There is a DEARTH OF SKILLS in the cloud computing arena.</li><li>The LOW TECHNOLOGY PENETRATION in Nigeria.</li><li>Businesses DO NOT TRUST the decision making of their IT STAFF.</li><li>IT department is RELUCTANT TO LET GO of their infrastructure.</li><li>There is a LOW cloud computing infrastructure INVESTMENT.</li></ul><p>&nbsp;Not only will the move to the cloud free the IT staff from the routine tasks and allow more time for business focused tasks, it will also accelerate the time to market, as the infrastructure is readily available. Capacity planning will no longer be the IT team&rsquo;s responsibility instead they have a larger capacity readily available when they require it which can be quickly deployed without fuss.</p><p>Organizations who have begun moving their infrastructure from in-house to the cloud do this because they know it is the future. The ability to convert one's infrastructure expense from a CAPEX to an OPEX derives huge savings and relieves the pressure on their infrastructure spend.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
KR Expert - Remi Adejumo

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