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Top 5 Tips On Brand Planning For 2022

<p>After a great 2022 planning session yesterday in Ascot with our client team and&nbsp;Closing<u> </u>Delta, I thought I would share some basic tips on getting the most out of your brand and budget planning stages for next year.</p><p>"<strong>Digital is here to stay, no seriously it is here not going anywhere, and winning in this area matters"</strong></p><p>So, we need to include it at the front of our mind when we are doing planning activities.</p><p>Statistics vary but something like&nbsp;60%+&nbsp;of the budget spend is currently digital for brand teams, I feel this is closer to&nbsp;80% +, especially post COVID-19&nbsp;from the sessions we have run recently with Closing Delta and our partners.</p><p>Lack of face-to-face access is driving a lot of this activity for 2022 and beyond, the model is changing, are you?</p><p><strong>Tip 1</strong></p><p><strong>Don't detract crazily from what has worked for you this year</strong></p><p>Coming into August 2021 we can see that we have some very decent numbers against projects such as webinar activity across the board, and maintaining share of voice in this area is important so invest in this and other areas where you have seen traction into 2022.</p><p><strong>Tip 2</strong></p><p><strong>Keep things consistent with the 3Cs</strong></p><p>In the messaging that you are sending out for your brand, consistency is key. Lots of research points to consistency of messaging being really important for customers.&nbsp;Be clear, be concise and be captivating,&nbsp;your 4th C,&nbsp;customers&nbsp;will thank you for it.</p><p><strong>Tip 3</strong></p><p><strong>Keep budget in mind, don't invest where it does not make sense.</strong></p><p>This is always an interesting one when it comes to spend especially with 3rd party and "vanity" digital projects that have not worked. If it costs a lot and it does not deliver then disinvest, you know it makes sense,&nbsp;if you wouldn't do it with your own money don't do it with your brands budgets.</p><p><strong>Tip 4</strong></p><p><strong>The present is lot like the past for our customers. The 2021 plan is not dead, when you are doing your 2022 planning if you don't believe me than ask your customers.</strong></p><p>The really important point here is that some things need refining, rejigging and reiterating from 2021. They do not need to be removed necessarily. Work off the 2021 plan and build your 2022 plan to have a clear focus on digital channel activities, omnichannel planning and clear measurements of success, bring it all together for a great experience. Simples!</p><p><strong>Tip 5</strong></p><p><strong>Measure effectively the right things, in the right way</strong></p><p>Measurement seems to be the one thing that a lot of our clients are stuck on and rightly so. It is one of the hardest areas to get right for a lot of brand teams. Using the right software, criteria (GA/DTM/?), like for like measurements (do not compare apples and pears), rep equivalence to channel, and ensure tags from the various tagging tools are firing correctly on the website.</p><p>Again, keep it simple, agree on some benchmark numbers, (if you are struggling with this bit reach out to us and we will help) and agree what success looks like (hint: It should be about engagement not just more activity). Then align your activity and continually measure, refine, and produce to deliver on those success metrics.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
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