How We Are Empowering Businesses To Return To Work

<p>As states start to re-open their economies, all companies are trying to figure out, how do I ready my business environment to deal with COVID-19.&nbsp;At&nbsp;Global Industrial&nbsp;we asked how we could help customers and in April launched our&nbsp;R3 &ndash; Restore, Return, Rebound&nbsp;initiative to empower the return to work.&nbsp;We repositioned our assortment and provided the content and knowledge customers need to open up and operate their businesses.&nbsp;</p><p>To help us further understand our customers&rsquo; views and needs as they return to work in a COVID-19 environment, we recently conducted a survey.</p><p>Here are a few stats that stood out to us that were collected from nearly 500 responses:</p><p><img style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src="" width="225" height="371" /></p><ul><li>More than half (55%) of the respondents have established a back to work plan, while 26% have not and 19% are in the process of forming one.</li><li>In regards to how have employees adopted to new safety procedures and protocols, 69% are onboard with 12% showing resistance.</li><li>Almost a third highlighted customer interaction as the top concern of re-opening their operation, followed by employee distancing (21%), facility cleaning/sanitation (15%) and PPE (11%).</li><li>49% of respondents plan on limiting customer on-site capacity as a way to ensure safety with 33% launching no-touch/contactless procedures.</li><li>Cleaning supplies were one of the easiest PPE related products for companies to source while hand sanitizers were the most difficult. Surprisingly masks were rated as relatively easy to source.</li><li>Respondents expect to make additional investments related to COVID-19 in high traffic areas such as break rooms (23%), lobbies/common areas (21%) and cubicles/office space (21%).</li></ul><p>The survey results highlight a focus on planning, new procedures and keeping employees and customers safe.&nbsp;These objectives align with the R3 program&rsquo;s phased approach. First, restore your environment. Second, bring your associates back or return. And last, rebound in sales and service.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
KR Expert - Barry Litwin

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