A Day In 2040

<p>We all love fiction. With billions earned by the science fiction movie industry, we do not need any more credentials. Let me take you ahead into memory lane taking it to 2040. It&rsquo;s pure tech fiction and just read on to enjoy. Like any other story, the statutory warning is any resemblance to living or dead is pure coincidence.</p><p>Let&rsquo;s listen to Ken, the hero of our story how his day in his hometown in Chicago went through.</p><p>For Ken, it was a late night and after getting out of the driverless Uber which arrived exactly as per his short call out to Siri, he didn&rsquo;t have to do too much of opening and closing to hit the bed and his favorite unwind music was already playing at the exact sound level he wanted. The face recognition made things easy and he had actually switched on the bedroom air conditioning while leaving the Zoomba pub which had auto check out where he did not have to pay or check his bills. His Siri was listening to all his pub orders and it auto reconciled his bill and made the exit smooth as a breeze. The only tough time Ken had is to refuse the very many retail offers which came by on his mini smartphone embedded in his hand while he was being driven back. This made Ken eagerly look forward to the next version upgrade of the mobile OS which is going to bring in the &ldquo;silent mode&rdquo; to avoid these offers.</p><p>It was a crazy day ahead for Ken. He needed a lot of emotional energy and his plan for it was to do his morning run with his best friends who are in LA, NY, Brisbane, Bangalore, and Shanghai. He had asked Siri to set this up last evening and was looking forward to it. After the morning chores, &ldquo;Duma&rdquo; the home robo was just in time ready with his morning cup of coffee. After the coffee, he put on his google glass and hit the road which overlooked Lake Michigan. It was a chilling morning and his smart wear auto-activated the heating mode and in around a minute or, so he was feeling warm and nice. In a couple of minutes, his friends also joined, and the jog was just amazing. Seeing each other, chatting and the scenic beauty of all those serine places just added to the experience. The only disappointment was that he could not see the online background from Shanghai due to government restrictions. The online jog SaaS model app they all were subscribed to was constantly calculating all their body stats and showing up in the glass and it not only just figured out how they were faring but also instantly benchmarked them against the millions across the world who have subscribed to the app. &nbsp;Winding off the memorable jog Ken was greeted by his morning doses of news and happenings on those topics of his interests by Alexa which really saved him time from going through TV and newspapers from where he had to fish out what he is interested in. &nbsp;&ldquo;Duma&rdquo; did not disappoint in getting him the breakfast and the coffee cup was showing the exact temperature, richness, and flavor of his coffee. &nbsp;While Ken was ready for his day in Office, he was a bit late as he did an extra 30-minute jog, he summoned the driverless car through Siri.</p><p>Off to the office in the car, he started off with his first video call meeting where he had to present his boss's favorite topic &ldquo;Moving to Mars&rdquo;. This was where his company was putting its near future bets on thanks to the extensive living trials in Mars conducted by his company which he could put together a well-orchestrated presentation which was done through the ProvethePoint tool which made it a live interactive real-time presentation. &nbsp;Ken&rsquo;s boss was just wondering how dull and boring those monolog presentations were in his prime time with PowerPoint which did not have any of these functionalities. The noise-canceling system of the car with fluid suspension ensured that Ken was absolutely isolated from all the jerks and hustle and bustle around in the roads and by the time he was on the Thank you slide where every participant kept saying thank you in their local language which Ken got to hear all of them in English. And that too in the speaker&rsquo;s very own voice thanks to the active-active voice translation service of "ProvethePoint", the car rolled into his office parking lot.</p><p>&nbsp;A hectic day in the office and Ken kept receiving notifications in his smarter watch and embedded mobile about those drone deliveries accepted by &ldquo;Duma&rdquo; at home which was sometimes a distraction. His meal was auto ordered by Siri keeping in mind his preferences, his current health goals, and online embedded mobile link Calorie meter. While having the meal he thought of catching up on his mid-day personalized news updates. A news that made Ken sad was on the killing of 32 robo soldiers on the Indo Pak border and was distressed to hear the commentators views on how value for robo life is dipping and how the human race needs to be more empathetic towards this cause. Back to the grind, the day was engulfed in many of those meetings. Ken was taken aback when Siri announced that he has just 60 more minutes to go in the office if he must make up for the dinner date, he had promised to Sara his girlfriend.</p><p>Ken looked up to his personalized AI model which scanned through all the social media apps of Sara and figured her most liked flowers and ordered the same through Siri and left to the launch pad of the new Drone Restaurant in the town. &nbsp;Fortunately, his google maps premium subscription helped him find the easiest and most traffic-free route to reach the launch pad just in time where his flower bouquet was already waiting for him. &nbsp;Sara was delighted to see him with her most loved flowers and then in a couple of minutes, they were off to the Drone ride in the Drone Restaurant. Sara took lead in ordering the food and wine and they spend around 60 minutes in the Drone which gave them a feeling of delighted tranquility. Bidding bye to Sara, Ken was bought back to his routine life as he got to hear the announcement from Siri on the next day where he needs to be traveling to London for the final negotiations for a deal his company was looking forward to. Ken did not know how time slipped in the night while he was browsing through the competitive predictive report provided by his corporate AI model while gave its POV on all the pros, cons, challenges, and strategies on how to strike the deal tomorrow. Ken slipped off to sleep only wondering why he is still needed to strike the deal and why the corporate robot cannot do it.</p>
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