About Us

Knowledge Ridge provides on-demand expertise to decision makers across industries globally. We create access to first-hand actionable knowledge through our network of carefully vetted subject matter experts.

Since our inception in September 2016, we've

  • Serviced 350+ Multinational Client Firms including Market Research & Management Consulting Firms, Global Think Tanks, IT Firms, Private Equity Firms, Hedge Funds, Investment Banks, Manufacturing, Supply chain and Technology companies
  • Executed 8,000+ Global projects across the critical and niche industry sectors through our experts across the world
  • Completed 20,000+ successful phone consultations and in-person meetings
  • Conducted 1,200+ panel surveys, workshops, and term engagements

What We Do

Driving Better Business Decisions with Human Insights

We bridge knowledge gaps by providing tailored end-to-end expert solutions to our diverse group of clients across the world. Global institutional investors, top strategy consulting firms, and large corporations leverage Knowledge Ridge’s network of 353,000+ experts and augmented services to better navigate an ever-changing global business environment. As a global expert network firm, we offer clients first-hand actionable intelligence and real-time industry insights through our well-curated global network of custom-interviewed subject-matter subject matter experts. This approach has won us continuous client appreciation and a client retention rate of more than 90%.

Knowledge Ridge today is one of the fastest growing expert networks. We have serviced 8,000+ global projects since our inception, with researchers on the ground and local language capabilities across all significant business regions of the world.

Powering Profitable Decisions Through Expert Insights and Perspectives
Access to Custom Vetted Experts Across Industries and Geographies
Real Time Information on the Current State of Play within any Sector and Region
Filtered Critical Knowledge for Specific Business Challenges and Opportunities

Why Knowledge Ridge

Our edge is the right combination of relevance, turnaround, pricing and value-added services, along with high customization, efficient curation, and robust compliance.


Phone interviewed experts tailored to client needs.


Only deliver experts with direct involvement in topics of interest to ensure the knowledge transfer is actionable.

Turn Around

Timely insights delivered exactly when needed.


Client-specific verticals working as an extension of your team.


Robust compliance framework that can be further customized to client types.

Value added services

Augmented services like Transcription, Translation & Interpretation, Expert Reports & Analysis.

Premium Insights

First-hand actionable knowledge on market moving topics through interactive event formats.

Expert Views

Thoughtfully curated articles and opinions authored by our industry experts across sectors globally.

Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves as a people's company. A people-first culture is deeply entrenched in the Knowledge Ridge philosophy. This approach finds its roots in the fact that it is people who drive the expert networking paradigm at each level. This people-centric culture helps every stakeholder in the Knowledge Ridge value chain, from clients to experts, and our own global team of account managers and researchers, to lay a strong foundation for building relationships. At Knowledge Ridge, we believe in:

Goodwill over Profits

As an inseparable part of our philosophy, goodwill supersedes profits.

Relationships over Transactions

Creating, managing, and growing relationships are valued over a transactional approach to engagements.

Ethics over Opportunities

Ethics and morals are prioritized over opportunities and revenue.

Careers at Knowledge Ridge

Looking for exciting and rewarding long-term career opportunities in the expert consulting network industry? If you relate to our philosophy, we’re looking for you!