Electric Vehicle Charged By Diesel Genset

<p style="text-align: center;"><img id="ember161" class="reader-cover-image__img lazy-image ember-view" src="https://media-exp1.licdn.com/dms/image/C5612AQFT59HNmVv-NQ/article-cover_image-shrink_720_1280/0/1626451442948?e=1644451200&amp;v=beta&amp;t=pj3905pM1XbG_ORYLLHmB3i9kK4CnQlrCH9rLRmmz2o" alt="" loading="lazy" /></p><p>Look carefully at the above picture and you will see that the electric car is being supplied with electricity generated by a 'diesel' (fossil fuel burning ) generator. To be honest, the charging unit in the photograph has been designed to recharge electric vehicles in the middle of the Australian bush.</p><p>Let's hope the use of diesel gensets to charge EVs will not be a common occurrence. However, if other equally challenging environments for EV charging follow suit, will we be in danger of drifting into the 'greenwashing' category? Your comments would be greatly appreciated.</p><p>#greenwashing, #EVs #dieselgenset #netcarbonzero #netzero #environment</p><h1 class="reader-article-header__title t-40 t-black t-normal pt6" dir="ltr"><strong>Electric Mini Digger - Zero Emissions?</strong></h1><p>The electric 'zero emissions' mini digger - what a fantastic concept!</p><p>However, I am somewhat confused by the fact that this recently developed mini digger with zero emissions was recharged by an onsite diesel generator. I would greatly appreciate constructive comments on this observation especially if I am missing something or you believe that this is not true reflection of zero emissions.</p><div class="slate-resizable-image-embed slate-image-embed__resize-full-width"><img style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src="https://media-exp1.licdn.com/dms/image/C5612AQEMAdpO0NFCpw/article-inline_image-shrink_1000_1488/0/1626450319383?e=1644451200&amp;v=beta&amp;t=mxWBwFoDlcArnK737TRoLMRshRk1dz2QEiXjvkYKAvk" alt="No alt text provided for this image" data-media-urn="" data-li-src="https://media-exp1.licdn.com/dms/image/C5612AQEMAdpO0NFCpw/article-inline_image-shrink_1000_1488/0/1626450319383?e=1644451200&amp;v=beta&amp;t=mxWBwFoDlcArnK737TRoLMRshRk1dz2QEiXjvkYKAvk" /></div><p>I completely agree with the need for more zero carbon emission innovations but we need to be sure that they are 100% green.</p><p>#netzero, #greenwashing, #electricvehicles</p><p style="text-align: center;">&nbsp;</p>
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