Enter A Race With A Difference: One We All Need To Win

<p>The backdrop for Earth Day, with its theme of 'restore our Earth', looks quite different from the 50 that went before. Over the course of the last year, we have all thought much harder about the kind of world we want to live in, work in and travel around in; one that is healthier for both people and nature.</p><p>Around the world, people are focused on recovery - in terms of human health and our economies. We have also been presented with sobering evidence of the alarming impact we have had on the one planet we all call home over the last half-century.</p><p>We have seen all too clearly that we are currently racing in the wrong direction, plundering our natural capital rather than living off the interest. And there has never been a greater imperative to restore our Earth.</p><p>&nbsp;As races go, tackling climate change is certainly more of a marathon than a sprint. We need to be putting in the effort now so that by the time we reach COP26 the starting line is far behind us and we are able to celebrate our first taste of success, rather than find ourselves still debating the destination. Which is why the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change's <em>Race to Zero&nbsp;</em>campaign is so critical.</p><p>We already know that if we'd started getting fit for climate change 20 years ago, it would be much less painful now. And we can already predict that in 20 years' time we will look back again and wish we had done much more, much sooner.</p><p>&nbsp;Lendlease is delighted to be among the first in the built environment sector to join the&nbsp;<em>Race to Zero</em>&nbsp;- receiving the official notification is a bit like getting a coveted ticket to enter the London Marathon - exciting but daunting too.</p><p>That is because we're already focused on our ultimate goal: Absolute Zero Carbon by 2040. And while we have got an awful lot of work to do, to get ourselves fit for that future, we also need to build a similarly committed team around us. Because unless we take all of our partners - materials producers, designers, sub-contractors, investors, customers and even our competitors with us, none of us will get to enjoy the satisfaction of winning the&nbsp;<em>Race to Zero</em>.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
KR Expert - Paul King

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